For BAS Technical Officials only.

1. I'm not able to login.

It might be because you are not registered with us. Do note that from 1st May 2019 onwards, all Officials are to register with BAS Technical Committee to be able to accept assignments from any BAS endorsed Tournaments.

2. I have registered, but I'm not able to access the URLs that have been sent to me.

It might be because the email address that you have registered with us is not a Gmail account. Please contact us at support@bas-officials.org.

3. I have a Gmail account and I'm a registered Official with BAS. But I'm unable to access the Members' Page.

It might be due to cache. To be sure, please go through the following steps :

  • Use Chrome to open a "New Incognito Window", copy and paste "https://membersonly.bas-officials.org" in the browser and hit 'Enter'.
  • Please make sure that you're using the Gmail account that has been registered with us to login.
  • If you continue to have issues, please contact us at support@bas-officials.org with your Full Name, Handphone number, and Gmail address.